Thursday, 22 November 2012

Saint Werburgh and the goose - cards

I thought that the story of Saint Werburgh and the geese would make a good subject for a seasonal card, not least because the central goose in the story is resurrected after having been eaten. A good story for a  gluttonous festival.

And now the cards are back from the printers (those nice folk at Minuteman Bristol), and available from my Etsy shop:

Pack of 5 cards for £5

Pack of 20 cards for £15

...though if you want more than that or fewer than that, just say the word and we'll sort something out!


  1. Such vibrant colours are bound to do well, they look so good and even without knowing the story, the image is a heart-warming one.

  2. thanks, Bella! -hope I'm not too late with the cards; I guess they're suitable for people like me who do things at the last minute....