Monday 14 November 2011

work in progress

I'm working on a cover for Nicky Jones' new book, The Changeling Tree. Here's some progress shots:

The waterfall is loosely based on Sgwd yr Eira, upriver from Pontneddfechan.

Having got the picture finished and scanned, I took these starlings

...which I had prepared earlier for this purpose. I removed the background

...and layered them into the picture.

...which just leaves the words. Here's a couple of options, though as yet nothing's certain...


  1. Talk about mixed media! :) Thank you for the inside look Dru.

  2. number seven in the line of pictures-clearest graphics. A beautiful piece of work

  3. Brilliant - love those starlings. Are they murmurating?!

  4. Thanks for your note about Gibbings... By the way, I hope you'll come to my talk on Nash and Ravilious at Foyles, 6.15 6th December (and free!)

  5. You make it look so easy.

    I prefer the lettering on the left

  6. Thanks for looking, Halle!
    Thanks, too, Gwynneth. Nicky's looking at the pics and thinking; feedback is hugely useful, of course.

    Sort of murmurating, James, though in the context of the book they're also On A Mission.... Thanks too; I shall be there!

    I quite like the curly letters, Anji, as they're so very different; but they are a bit of an acquired taste, or something. And harder to read.... Thanks!

  7. I like the curly letters too - obv just need to make sure they are bold enough to be as legible as the more regular font. Looks intriguing - I guess that goldfinch plays a central role in the book...

  8. I would avoid the curly letters like the plague! (OK, MAYBE I WOULD AVOID THE PLAGUE MORE!) Or, if there must be curls, make it something that doesn't look so much like Curlz MT (yep, I have a pet hatred for that font, along the same lines as Comic Sans and Papyrus). Can you customise it at all?

  9. Sorry! I also meant to say that I love the picture, and how you incorporated the starlings! :)