Wednesday, 21 April 2010

a fit of the vapours

The skies are full of vapour trails as jumbo jets criss-cross the sky again, repatriating refugees from Disneyland and carrying mange-tout from Kenya for a hungry nation! We are saved! It's a bit like Dunkirk and the Berlin Airlift all mixed together, really. the way, there is a really good website called Flightradar24, where you can see what aeroplanes are flying in Europe and where they're going, and so on. And, in my case, you can then pop your head out of the skylight and see them in real life, and know that they are a Lufthansa Airbus en route from Dusseldorf to New York, or whatever.


  1. That was what was missing - the chem. trails!

    We've had beautiful blue skies here, and so quiet....

  2. suspiciously "fresh" mange tout were available long after the flights stopped!

    Caroline xxx

  3. I hadn't appreciated how you're never quite away from aircraft noise until this weekend.

    Your picture gave me a Paul Nash moment.

  4. Our skies are getting back to normal here too. You can, with an eye for perspective, trace most of the trails to a point about 40 miles North of here which corresponds with a place called Gatwick. If you fly from there to Rome you are quite likely to fly directly over my house. I provide this service gratis.

  5. The skies were startlingly clear, day after day, Anji. I wonder if there was a connection?

    Scottish mange tout, Caroline?

    Are you thinking of his Battle of Britain picture, Jenny?-I used to have that over my desk, long ago...

    Very kind of you, Graham. I provide a similar service to the transatlantic airliners!

  6. That's right, the one with the vapour trails. I had dead sea as my windows backdrop at a previous employer that was based not far from where it was painted. None of my colleagues recognised the skyline that was outside the office window.