Sunday 11 April 2010

ticked-off faggots with peas

This is a promo shot from my new short film, Ticked-Off Faggots With Peas. It's about a shopping trip, as you've probably guessed, and will premiere at the Tripeca Food Festival.

It isn't about gay men with incontinence, obviously, because I wouldn't use the term 'faggots' in that way, as I don't own it and it would be disrespectful.

Unlike the chap who made this film, with his use of 'trannies'.


  1. That film, or it's title anyway, has created quite a stir in the trans community. I'm not so sure I agree with calls to ban the film though. Censorship is never a good thing. From what I have read, the film is actually sympathetic to trans women.

    Melissa XX

  2. Hm, I feel at least ambivalent about it. I watched the trailer and thought 'ecch', and the reference to Angie Zapata at the beginning seemed just wrong (I understand that's been removed now). And as for the title...

  3. I love your picture!

    And from what I've seen of the film (which admittedly is no more than the trailer, plus an interview with the director in which he says he likes to relax by murdering a few prostitutes in a computer game), protest is more than justified.

    I've heard some comparisons with blaxploitation films, but from what I've heard they actually starred black people rather than white guys in blackface, and I don't think any of them were titled "Narked Niggers with Knives."

  4. I come from a land downunder, where every word that can be shortened, is shortened. It is infuriating when our Prime Minister talks about having brekky (breakfast) in Brissy (Brisbane) at Crissy (Christmas) before opening the pressies (presents). The term tranny has been used for ages - initially to refer to transister radios and more recently to trans folk. This caused much confusion recently when our local ABC radio station had a promotion called "Take a Tranny to the Footy (football [match])".

  5. So beautifully stated, Dru! :) I think this is the best response to that film from the trans world so far!

    I feel that, unfortunately, the more strident attacks have left the trans community looking a little bad. I certainly feel the film is exploitative and in bad taste, but calling for it to be banned is a bit much. As Melissa said, censorship is never a good thing.

    Thanks for putting it so well! :)

  6. whoops, sorry; not been here lately.

    Thank you, Charlie! -have you read Kate Bornstein's piece on the film yet? -it's the best thing I've read on the subject...

    I quite like the Aussie way of shortening things, Peta, though it's possible that the novelty would wear off if I had it all the time. Why would people want to take a radio to a football match, though?

    You are broadening my eduvation, Larry; thank you! -I'd not heard of Jack Smith till now, and I've just been watching Flaming Creatures on Youtube. Gosh!

    A faggot in the food sense is a bundle of pork and pig organs, minced up and seasoned and spiced, and wrapped in caul fat. The caul fat seals in the juices, and lends the faggot its name, as something that has been bundled up, just as bundles of firewood or furze are described the same way.