Friday, 26 February 2010


Hey, we managed it! Richard and me, in the same place at the same time doing a reading!

Not only that, but we even managed to be on the same train, which I joined at Bristol and Richard at Didcot.

The countryside was powdered with snow. I admired the muddy inlets we passed around Ipswich, reminding me of Arthur Ransome stories. And a plastic egret guarding a lonely pond in a big field. And a rail-side chapel with a hoarding that warned us to PREPARE TO MEET YOUR GOD which I thought unnecessarily alarmist.

We had a quick explore of Norwich (Richard used to live here in his UEA student days, so he can hardly be blamed that we got lost several times) and then joined Natasha, who had invited us and organised our reading, at a tea party in celebration of the work of Barbara Ross, who has been doing good work for the TG community for some years

Here's Barbara, with the dynamic Shelly Telly, who's been very active in Norwich's LGBT History Month events.

In the evening we went to UEA's Drama Studio, and gave our reading and then had a Q and A session, which I always find a bit tricky because I'm not good at ad hoc talking. But it went well (I think) and it got me thinking about things too, which is probably a Good Thing.

It was good to meet so many good people who are busy getting on with stuff. I came away feeling rather sluggish in comparison, and determined to do better. Thank you, Norwich.


  1. Hooray - same place, same time... same train!
    Sluggish was not what I heard - a bird also there on the day said all went with a Swing, Fun was had and Depths were plumbed.

    I do think your ability to take self-timed self-portraits is uncanny and enviable.

  2. Perhaps if you'd had a prior swig of your marvellous damson vodka, the Q and A session would have seemed less daunting!


  3. At last!

    Glad it went well and it looks as if a good time was had by all

  4. Thanks, Federay; I shall take heart. The humble Gorillapod is v handy for those quick grab-a-SP moments...
    ...I would probably have fallen over, Lucy, and disgraced myself. Had a nice glass of Bourbon when we got back to the hotel though.
    Thanks, Anji. It did and was!

  5. 'Twas a much fun day Dru. Nice pic of the Plantation Gardens too! Hope to see you again soon.


  6. That was a very entertaining talk you and Richard did, Dru. The repartee was fun! And well attended it was too, considering you were competing against the Lost Prophets gig in the next building.

    I enjoyed my trip to Norwich and the campus too - must return for a better look round when the weather is warmer :-)