Tuesday 16 February 2010

splashing paint around

I'm getting on with the new book I'm doing with Geraldine. I'm still having trouble with skies, as it were. I was quite pleased with the way the grass turned out on this picture: masked the birds, branches and Geraldine with latex masking fluid, then painted over it with that big soft brush. Then rubbed off the mask, and the green looked really good, but the details needed retouching because I'd rubbed half the paint off along with the mask.

And then I dripped a tiny drop of water onto the green.

And tried to smooth over it.

And the patch got bigger

And bigger

And I ended up re-masking the picture and repainting the grass.

And bought the Right Sort of rubber for removing masking fluid. It's sort of crepe rubber, just so you know.

And then I totally goofed on the sky and ended up replacing it with a sky that I'd photographed up on the Skirrid on Christmas Day.

O well, onwards and upwards. Still learning.

Richard is getting into gear ready for the Norwich reading next week, and here is a story about our walk across Wales, on his blog.


  1. Nice, Dru..

    And SUCH neatness....

    My painting table is a tip. :-(


  2. I especially like the way you have found a use for the coputator to help prop up the board and as a way of stopping bits and bobs rolling away, very inovative. I feel so smug and tidy now while yesterday...

    Caroline xxx

  3. Oh , nice painting!

    Caroline xxx

  4. Your green is always so green. It's a lovely painting.

  5. I am impressed that your keyboard has avoided any paint. Talk about living on the edge, if it were mine it'd be history by now!

  6. Your desk looks far more single-minded, Chrissie; there are at least five different things going on on my desk, getting in the way of each other.
    Thank you, Caroline and Anji!
    It has been a close run thing on occasion, Jenny; I have had to rescue a keyboard from drowning by Guinness and red wine in my time...