Sunday, 16 August 2009

out and about

Katie and I went off to East Prawle in Devon for a few days camping with some friends down there. And we did lots of outdoorsy stuff. It was very good fun, and good to get away from the electronics for a while; no computer, and of course no mobile...

The camping field is on a slope overlooking the sea, quite high up so that you get to see a lot of sea. I got up in the night and watched the navigation lights of the ships passing up and down the Channel, silent in the distance; the full moon descending in the western sky; the sweep of Start Point lighthouse, whose beams chased each other across the ridge to the east; one, two, three.... seven second pause.... one, two, three... a cock crowed, and I looked back and saw what had been creeping up on me, the dawn.

At one point there were four adults, a Katie, and two dogs (one large, one small) in the car; and the canoes on the roof too. I worried about our ability to stop in time if we met anyone, rumbling down the deep-banked single-track lanes... we survived, though. And I'm overhauling the brake system - new pads, new back drums; and I had to change a tie rod on the steering rack as the ball joint was all wobbly. Never a dull moment at Schloss Marland...


  1. Looks like you had good weather too, judging from the colour of the sky. Your car is sooo photogenic!

  2. the flash went off on that photo; it was a happy accident; that's one of my fave photos now...

  3. hi there,
    Don't spose there's a website/contact details for the site in East prawle is there - can't find it online at all?!! it was recommended by someone i just met at another site, and i've been searching for it. cheers

  4. I don't know the contact details, I just turned up... there's a couple of Facebook groups related to East Prawle, which may be helpful. First time I went down there I used Google Earth to play hunt-the-tents...