Tuesday 2 June 2009

ten years

I'm trying to cobble together some thoughts of a recherche du temps perdu description. Or harking on about the bloody past again, depending on how you look at it. So while I'm sucking the end of my pen and getting distracted by the blackbirds in the garden, here's a couple of pictures I found the other day and thought, "Blimey! Ten years?"

This is the sort of thing I used to get up to on MV Havelet in Weymouth, when it was just sat there for ages and I was sort of looking after it. In between riding my bicycle along the Promenade and fishing for mackerel to barbeque on the top deck.


  1. It all looks very technical to me. At first sight I thought that the chart was 'PMS'. I wish my dad was still around to explain crankcase deflections to me...

    The fish in the bottom right hand corner must be the one that got away. I love the colours of mackerel, I used to pop into the market in La Rochelle just to look at the colours of all of the different fish.

  2. It stands for 'Port Main Engine', boringly...

    I used to see all sorts of marine life, because whenever I opened up the seawater strainers (where the water comes in to cool the machinery) the strainer basket would often contain fish, shrimps, and crabs, sometimes still alive, so I would try to rescue them and liberate them again. Otherwise they would end up in the horrible stuff in the ship's bilges...