Tuesday, 16 June 2009

on specs

I am much too casual with my specs, given that they are such an important part of my life... I was reminded of this yet again last night as I was staring at a six-pack of baked beans in Tesco, wondering how much of a bargain they were, and Katie said, "Why are you looking at dog food?"

Driving home, we saw a great turmoil of dramatic clouds over in the direction of Wales, so as soon as we were inside, I scrambled up onto the roof to get a better look. There's been a lot of weather around lately, some of it involving cumulonimbus clouds, which are always nice to watch... from a distance.

And there, on the roof, were my missing specs, which I'd just resigned myself to having lost irrevocably. I must have put them down on the parapet while photographing balloons on Saturday morning.

It is very happy making, being reunited. It puts things into focus. Here is a haiku I wrote when I once got some new spectacles.

How finely woven
This spider's web by my head.
Thank you, nice new specs!

Here are some shots I took yesterday, spec-less obviously, for publicity stuff for a reading that Richard and I are doing later in the year. If you would like to express a preference for either or neither, I should be glad to hear your opinion...


  1. I have reached for my phone thinking I could ring mine up to find out where they've got to. This is because we're forever ringing each other to locate our phones. Perhaps someone will put a microchip in one day...

    It must be lovely to have a roof to get out onto to watch the world go by. We had a magnificent sunrise this morning, watched from the car.

    I think that the top one must be your "headmistress" look. The bottom one is the better of the two, but perhaps one with specs. I prefer the drawing at the top. I do like your blouse.

  2. I;m With Anji on this, do you often carry an anglepoise on the shoulder, does it help with the reading? You are saying something quite deep with those eyes but I am not quite sure what.

  3. Either, Dru.
    They're both you.
    Tho', like Anji, I give the second the edge. Because it's bigger, and frontal.

  4. Thank you, all!
    I really must address this specs business, Anji; I did have one of those cords that attach to them so that they dangle down your front when you aren't using them, but they're a faff and get in the way when driving.
    The roof is terrific, and we're the only people in the neighbourhood to get to scramble up onto it. It's an especially good place when the balloon festival is on. The hippies who used to live here grew... things... up there too...

    Anglepoises are far less messy than parrots, Caroline, and jolly useful too. I think I'm saying "I could murder a Tunnocks wafer".

    Thanks, Larry. Number two it is then!

  5. I vote for the bottom one, too.

    You look great in both photos, but the background is more limited in the bottom one: it's more about you.

  6. Hi again, Em! Passed nem con then.