Wednesday 24 December 2008

the umpteenth Noel

So the cake is finally in the oven, and half the Christmas cards actually got sent, and the sun has long set on Christmas Eve. Untogether? Moi??

...does anyone ever admit to being ready for Christmas? -certainly I have agreed with lots of people over the last week or so that we are Very Far From Being Ready. It's like at school when people told each other how unprepared they were for exams. Except in my case it was true.

I like a good carol, and have been hunting for a version of While Shepherds Watched which I heard on the radio some years ago. I think it was a West Country version, and I can remember the tune and sing it while driving. Or sometimes sing the carol to the tune of Ilkley Moor, which also works. It also fits the theme tune for Monty Python, as my friend Murray once demonstrated.

The picture is the card design that K and I collaborated on. She did the cunning fox. Me, I did the partridge in a pear tree. I like pears and I like partridges, but if someone gave me them for Christmas I'm not sure I'd want them for my true love.

Just saying.

Happy Christmas!


  1. Happy Christmas Dru. Hope you had a good day...and if the plans you mentioned are still what you're planning may the Christmas Sun shine!

  2. May your Christmas be Merry and may your New Year be Joyous and Happy!


  3. Thanks, Jo and Alan. Yup, Jo, I hope to burst out into the upper sunshine.... I hope you both have a good day!

  4. This is how disorganised I am, wishing you a Happy Christmas on Boxing day. Hope the rest of your Christmas goes well.

    Next year I'll try to organise an alternative carol singing amongst the family.

  5. What makes me laugh is when people say' Christmas has come early this year'