Thursday, 11 December 2008

cover story

The proof of the cover design for the paperback edition of Becoming Drusilla arrived yesterday, so here it is for you to see. Richard and I are hoping to get some reading events sorted out in May, when it comes out. Hopefully by then the bookshop folk will have a better idea of what the book's about and, as it were, where it's at. There had been some initial confusion; indeed, Jo tells me that she found a copy in a Waterstones in Maidenhead that had been filed under LGB. Funny business.

My eyes are not what they were, and I need stronger prescription specs. So I got a new set of lenses and felt a bit seasick wearing them, because they're strong reading glasses and everything else is like being under the sea. So I want some varifocals. Finding nice frames is very hard, though. There is a lot of fashion involved in specs, and the current crop does nothing for me at all. I picked up this pair on e-bay. They too arrived yesterday. I quite like them. Now I need to get the lenses changed to my prescription.

...fairly inconsequential, this post. I guess I want reassuring about the specs.


  1. Have a bucket load of reassurance!

    I like the paperback cover too - the fragmented photo works well.

    Be wary of varifocals - I tried some and then shunned them - I've gone for 3 different prescriptions now - the headache is in locating the appropriate pair but not in wearing them!

    (I found walking in the varifocals an absolute nightmare.)

  2. They are you. Dom persuaded me to have specs that don't have heavy frames but I much prefer them.

    I've got varifocals. You have to get past the first few days. I had problems with tables, I kept grabbing things which I thought were going to slide off, the slope was so steep.

  3. I think your varifocals must be what are called progressive bifocals here...I've been in them for years. At first I needed them just to read, but of late a bit of midrange has come into them as well. As long as they are ground correctly they are wonderful!

    Your frames look fine! Best of luck on the lenses!


  4. Thank you, Caroline! It's funny looking at the cover and thinking, "I wonder what gave the designer the idea to cut the photo up".... and it works, doesn't it?

    I did get some varifocals last year, but I haven't worn them because they are such a nuisance. I'm wearing them now, in fact, and bobbing my head like crazy to keep things in focus. The optician had mentioned a different type of varifocal, but as it happened when I went there today we decided that progressive lenses would be the best option for what I wanted. I hope we're right... sounds like they work for you, anyway, Alan.

    The tyranny of daughters, Anji? -Katie almost mutinied when I put on a hi-vis jacket for the cycle ride to school this morning. Better dead than uncool, presumably.

  5. You look very brainy Dru!

    Re the book...did they go for that Mail quote because

    (a) People have heard of the Daily Mail?


    (b) Lordy lordy, it's a nice quote from the world's most reactionary paper (actually no...they have their Femail thing don't they which might be A Little More Sympathtic)?


    (c) Because it's the best one you got - because it so isn't, there were plenty of really good things written by other Premier league journalists (maybe this will be inside/on the back?)

    Like the cover - let me know if you need me out there rearranging the displays in the bookshops of Britain from May!

  6. Thanks, Jo

    I agree with you about the Mail quote. I suspect that it's there because it's short, and sort of sums up a theme of the book. But I shall try to think of an alternative suggestion. There are other and weightier quotes on the back cover.

  7. The best advice came from MIL 'Look at what you're looking at'.

  8. Dru,
    You look fine - very feminine. The tyranny of daughters? I have two - I am 'cool'- someday's! I cycle a lot - well, not today, it is wet and windy, but, I will never wear a hi-vis jacket or a helmet - drinking lots of water, especially Evian, avoids - well, everything.