Monday 9 June 2008

wild life

I am perking up. I've made some good progress with the drawing, and am halfway through a cover design for the Downs wildlife book. Starting is the most difficult part; I end up worrying so much I can't put anything down on paper. Which is not good for the career prospects, all things considered.

Thank you for the messages, you who sent me messages. I appreciated it.

L to R: Catherine, Angela and Amber

Meanwhile, this weekend saw the BBC Festival of Nature in Bristol, and Angela Wilkes, author of Wildlife Rescue (lavishly if not sumptuously illustrated by me) came up to town for the occasion to launch the book. Pauline, of Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset, came along with some animals to liven up the proceedings: Amber the kestrel; a couple of field mice and a noctule bat, unnamed; and Keith, a fellow rescuer who dislocated my little finger with his handshake.

Lots of people came to say hello to the animals. During the course of the day a book was sold. I wandered around grabbing freebies, and taking pictures, like these...


  1. You were lucky to catch those mermaids on dry land. And they are usually shy rather than outrageous flirts!

    Suzzy :-)

  2. Oh, they were mermaids!

    There seems to be so much going on in Bristol. I've been following the programme about migration on the BBC.

    Glad you're feeling perkier.

  3. They'd popped up from Zennor for the day, Suzzy.

    Thanks, Anji. Yes, Bristol is very busy, with nature as well as people. I love it here.