Monday, 2 June 2008

nice and nasty

My favourite sort of souvenir is the edible sort.

Though I'd make an exception for the bag of Camargue red rice that someone gave me a couple of years ago, which sat quietly on the top shelf for ages before suddenly bursting open with weevils and creating an infestation.

Crikey, that could have given Alien a run for its money.

So anyway, I brought back a bag of unbleached white flour from Pembrokeshire. It had been stone-ground in a watermill at St Dogmaels. I made a loaf with it yesterday.

Bloody disaster. It sank in the middle. Reminded me of that dispiritingly worthy bread that there was far too much of in the 70s and 80s.

This is what my bread usually turns out like. It's got some malt extract and some rye flour in it.

Oh well. Looking on the bright side, I popped into Howells in Cardiff and got some Marshmallow Fluff. And look, it's Malteser instant hot choc. Yay!


  1. I can smell your bread from here! Loaf number two does look so much better. Oh, I can see the butter ready to go there too....

    What is marshmallow fluff? we used to make fluff by whisking evaporated milk and unset jelly together.

  2. the ingredients are egg whites, corn flour and corn syrup. We tried making our own when the local shops stopped stocking hte stuff, substituting golden syrup for the corn syrup. We made a very strong form of glue.

    I must try the evaporated milk and jelly mix. Would you recommend a flavour of jelly?

  3. If you do it correctly you'll finish with strawberry mousse which is lovely. I've never obtained a proper mousse with it - hence the fluff!

  4. I have never been brave enough to make my won bread, my mum used to, and it was pretty dense.. lol
    I like 'dense' bread now though, my tastes have changed.
    That looks really good, both loaves! I'd eat the top one too.