Thursday 12 June 2008

and the answer is...'s the back story to the pink saddle.

The one in the blog entry before this one.

I'd fitted it to the new bicycle (see photo above) and had been using it for a couple of days to see how it was. It was OK; comfortable, if slightly forward-canted for my taste - I'm more used to a very upright posture.

Sunday I met C, who looked at the saddle and immediately said, "That's obscene!"

I was a bit taken aback. I wondered if maybe she was a bit sex-obsessed - for some reason, people who have done English degrees tend to see sexual imagery absolutely everywhere. Maybe it was my failure to do so that meant I didn't get a First. Or a Two One. Or a...

Anyway, hence the request for feedback here. Thank you, everyone who commented.

The pink saddle is very well designed and built, but I can't get the imagery out of my head now. So the Brooks saddle is now in place, as you see.


  1. No one would see it when it was being put to use, but afterwards……
    My sister had a religious knowledge teacher who got the sack for pointing out to 12 and 13 year olds that things like roll-on deodorants and lipsticks were phallic symbols.

  2. LOL not just English graduates...History & Politics too!!

  3. First comment from me ever ...

    I thought that the pink saddle looked rather erotic ... and I've never been to university.

    BTW Dru just got the "Book" to read.

  4. Funny lot, teachers, Anji. I had an English teacher who saw sex in everything; and then there was someone in the Bristol English department who memorably stated thsat Matthew Arnold's Dover Beach was actually about phallic shrinkage...

    ...evidently no hope for you, Jo...

    ...and you've got absolutely no excuse, ~Rachel. Welcome, by the way, an I hope you like the book :-)

  5. Hmm.. I like it! Because it looks obscene, but I'm just like that. ;p

    Hey, I see cigars everywhere..

  6. maybe they should re-brand it as the "shelagh-na-gig" saddle, Chandira? -would probably sell well in Glastonbury...

  7. Why not just get a black saddle of the same design?

    This particular design is very good for the pressure points. I know because I have one myself.