Monday 9 June 2008

Return of the interview that disappeared

Richard and I were interviewed by Gerry Ryan on Ireland's RTE2, on May 14th. I had posted a link to the show, but, last time I tried using it, I found that the show in question is no longer accessible.

The shows before it are accessible. The shows after it are accessible. Was it something we said?

Never mind, for here, dear reader, is the interview, now in glorious sensurround technicolour. Enjoy. But make a cup of tea first, it's a long 'un.


  1. I just checked what I'd saved for my daughter Dom to listen to and I'd got it right (for a change).

    I shall listen again too.

  2. I had to learn a bunch of clever stuff to install this. Well, right-clicking. You know. Stuff.

  3. The important thing is not to forget where you put the key to wind the computer up every morning...

  4. hey dru, i think that your story is so inspriation and that gerry is quite insitive in this review, am i just wanted to say that we now study your journey in my sociology class (ucc 2nd year) as a outline for the way that you as many other female feel insecure and the trials and tribulations u have to face every day

  5. Whoops, sorry Sharon, I missed your comment. Thank you, anyway, if you should pass this way again :-)

  6. Sad loss of an interviewer who wanted to learn and understand and had done their homework. So relaxed and natural, the broadcasting standards have at least halved overnight!

    You two were stars!

    Was it supposed to just stop in the middle of an interesting bit about SOs?

    Caroline xxx