Friday, 9 May 2008

are you receiving me?

Had the researcher from the BBC on the phone, just checking out a few details in readiness for next week's Midweek.

She assured me that she'd read the book and it was Very Good.

"Have you had chance to read it yet?" she asked.

I assured her that I had....

"You do illustrations?" she asked. "Animals?"

"Yes, mostly wildlife," I said. "And this book. I illustrated that, too."

Hey ho. Perhaps my intended role on the programme is to simper. Can you hear simpering on the radio?


  1. This will be the dumbing down everyone is talking about. :-)

  2. I can't remember who said it first but perhaps you should have asked her who read it to her.

  3. Let us yet be merciful.... :-)

  4. I hope the researcher sees this picture of her... it is of her isn't it?

    And remember she's probably had plenty of people on with books that were so thoroughly ghost written that they haven't a clue whats in them... she probably hasn't got a category for the joint venture that you've gone in for here.

  5. The pic seemed somehow appropriate, Caroline; when I was looking through my pics for something to illustrate this blog entry, it reminded me of those bean-can-and-string radio things we used to make when I was young. As well as suggesting less than 20/20 vision...

    I don't really blame her for her assumptions; I'm sure she's very busy, and hasn't the time to get a full context on everyone involved in a programme. It just seemed ironic that I should feel that my contribution to this project was marginalised and undervalued... another authentic female experience which I used to get in spades at P&O Ferries, but would have hoped not to get on this occasion.

  6. And lovely illustrations they are too!