Friday, 1 March 2013

quantifiable welsh poem

I early learned that brontosauruses
Are long as three red London buses
And all the folk in China’ll quite
Fit upon the Isle of Wight.
Rare indeed's the object which is
Not compared with football pitches
But other places try and fail
To be as close a fit to Wales as Wales.

...inspired by this on the radio....


  1. and a happy St. David's Day to you too!!
    xx gz

  2. I take it you saw this, Dru?

  3. Thanks, Gwynneth! And likewise, in an upside down way, to you!

    I was listening to it on the radio even as I wrote, Cathy....

  4. How big exactly, in football pitches, whatever they are, is Wales?

  5. Wales is measured in rugby pitches, Coline, I thinm you'll find

  6. What a happy coincedence. Nowadays I see everything compaired to bits of France...

  7. That poem is a keeper Dru! Happy St.David's Day.

  8. I learned the size of Wales yesterday. O Fon i Fynwy :)

  9. I get confused by the size of France, Anji; it seems much bigger in real life than it looks on the map, as I discovered when I drove across some of it.

    Thanks, Halle!

    Anglesey to Monmouth, Jenny? -I used to drive that when I was working on the Holyhead ferry; varying the route each time to get to see somewhere new. It's impossible to travel quickly across Wales anyway. Expecially if your cars are like the ones I drive....