Saturday, 16 March 2013

more map reading

DSC_1668, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

I picked up the prints of Map Reading For Beginners from Niche yesterday. This one is being framed up for somebody. And there are some in my Etsy shop too. At the moment this is my favourite picture. Well, favourite out of the pictures I've done. Crikey. Just been looking through pictures by SR Badmin and Evelyn Dunbar and going 'gosh, that's good'.... so much art, so little time...


  1. Lovely - can you put the poem on the back Dru?

  2. Some one told me yesterday that green was the colour of hope - the greeness of spring must have meant so much to the people of the past.

    May your inspiration never run dry.

  3. done, Mal!

    That spring greenness means a lot to me, too, Anji- though winter's cold is more a matter of endurance than survival for us... thank you.