Sunday, 3 March 2013


hare, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.
A hare for March, though this one is not going to be dashing around any time soon; it's in a case at Bristol City Muesum, still looking slightly aggrieved at having been stuffed.

The black headed gulls have got their new Lone Ranger masks on, as I saw yesterday morning while cycling out over the Downs. And in the afternoon the sky cleared entirely, and the day turned beautiful. As I was whizzing the circular saw around some MDF out on the road (don't want to fill the flat with sawdust) the silences in between the saw were punctuated with bursts of woodpecker drumming from the trees over the road.


  1. There's nothing like seeing other people working to make you think that acksherley you should be getting on with one of your own.

    Are you going to be selling prints of your hare because I want to buy one. Slightly different style from usual? I wouldn't have immediately said that this was one of yours. S/He is lovely, though.

  2. this was a quick sketch in the back of my Big Pomes Book on the way down to Poetry Can on Friday! (With a bit of potatoshop flood colour) -I'll print you orf a copy though, gladly! Are you round today, btw? Photographs and so on

  3. Fab drawing, really caught the aggrieved look...

  4. Not a happy hare. It is different to your usual paintings - you make it look so easy.

    We saw a hare quite close up last year I didn't realise that they can be so big.