Sunday, 28 March 2010

some people are cyclists, some people wish they were

More Advanced Stop Zone fun in Bristol, this time on the Gloucester Road.


  1. Jeez...

    It's not even cluelessness. It's pure bloody arrogance, and people are killed bcause of it.

    A fair while back I held a view that was against the idea that the law should automatically assume vheicle drivers were in the wrong in every collision with a cyclist. It seemed to me to be fundamentally unfair and unjust.

    But now I'd have to say that the balance between road-users really has to include such a law, just to even things up.

    If vehicle drivers KNOW that they WILL be held responsible, should any collission occur, then they will change their ways. Many of them are demonstratably incapable of doing so otherwise.

    If education is not working, then it is time for legislation.


  2. They should read your blog...

  3. ..maybe their ears are burning...