Thursday 2 April 2009


I'm doing some pictures for a new book by Geraldine Taylor. Here's the cover illustration, which is set in Fairyland (as mentioned in an earlier post). The song thrush, however, is modelled upon a stuffed song thrush in Bristol City Museum.

I finished the picture and got it scanned ready to add the words and stuff on Photoshop. And then popped it into a frame and down, along with a few other pictures, to the Natural Health Clinic on Cotham Hill, Bristol, where they are kindly allowing me to hang them this month. It's all good fun and a useful exercise, and so far people have said nice things about the pictures.


  1. Of course they said nice things about your pictures!

    We don't seem to have thrushes around here. The grass in front of the kitchen windows was alive with sparrows the other morning, waiting for their breakfast. They learn very quickly.

    What a pity you can't paint their songs too - perhaps I'm not listening hard enough.

  2. Very nice Dru. I realise how spoiled I was birdwatching when I lived near Gilfachreda. The garden was size enough and so very country enough to harbour the jays, woodpeckers, tits, sparrows, robins and the rest all at close quarters. I could sit in the garden and be at the centre of their bustle.
    It's different in town. Cardigan has birds a plenty but they're all at a distance bar a few sparrows that come to cheek the cat.

  3. No thrushes, Anji? -very odd. Though nightingales are members of the thrush family. Have yours returned this year?

    I remember often watching herons on the banks of the Teifi at Cardigan, Paul. Though they're hardly likely to visit your garden, I suppose. I'm quite fortunate; despite the local cats and magpies, we get a lot of songbirds in the neighbourhood, and every now and then I get to see a peregrine circling far overhead from the kitchen window. Do you get a decent dawn chorus?

  4. You reminded me to check. They moved in at the end of April beginning of May, so I've got a little longer to wait..