Thursday, 5 March 2009

noisy neighbours

The tree at the front of the house is being nested in again. I saw the blue tits bobbing across to their hole in the lower trunk, last week, and was glad to see them again. They've been nesting there for several years now. Then a couple of days ago I saw that this magpie couple have started building their nest here too, just on a level with the front room window. There was a pigeon nest here last year, but the eggs were all lying smashed on the pavement one morning, possibly by these same magpies.

The neighbour's loo, which I had been wrestling with last week, is finally fixed, and I learned something new while doing it. But not before trawling the internet for an answer.

There are plenty of wrong answers available on the internet. Someone who evidently faced a similar problem to me posted up a cry for help on Yahoo Answers, and one of the suggestions was inadvertently brilliant:

you need a new Sistine, get them from any diy shop easy to fix too


  1. I don't like the magpies much, bullies. They've been trying to chase off the jays recently which has been very noisy. The magpies know that they are banned from the bread I put out for the smaller birds. I shoo-ed one off the wall the other day and lo and behold, he tried to sneak in 'on foot' through the open gateway.

    I'm glad your friend's loo problem is solved. I'm still observing mine, roots grow quickly at this time of the year, especially fertilised ones.

    Sistine; I imagine a loo with a wonderful ceiling.

  2. I am now thinking of Pope Benedict enthroned on a rather rococo loo slap bang in the middle of the chapel while cardinals attend him with his requisites. Like that. I wish I wasn't, though. Now I'm thinking of that bit in Catch 22, and wish I wasn't too

  3. I've always rather liked magpies - but they can be rather noisy neighbours.

    Imagine the sort of ceiling a magpie could make - collecting all those pretty bits...

  4. I love magpies. Real Jack the Lad types, they never fail to make me laugh!

    The best loos I've seen in years, and they definitely have sistines, are the ones at WaterSky restaurant above the Chinese Supermarket in Eastville.

    Now you're a fully trained plummer can you come round and fix my drains?