Sunday, 13 April 2008

Podcasting pearls

Richard and I were up at Random House in London on Friday to record podcasts for the book. I was a bit croaky, with the cold I've had for a couple of weeks. Damn. Oh well, I don't suppose anyone's happy with the sound of their own voice.

Hm, hold that thought...

Here's a recording of Richard, reading the opening pages of the book (the picture is Richard doing something clever with a compass, somewhere west of Llandrindod...):

...and this is my contribution; it's my take on the project... piece out our imperfections with your thoughts... (it's Katie's portrait of me, by the way. I love it)


  1. Wonderful to hear the extract of the book and also to hear your voice!

  2. Lovely to hear your voice at last Dru instead of just your typed words on NC.

    I wish you all success with your book - I shall only be able to buy one copy though.

    Much love Grace

  3. All my best wishes to a wonderful lady, and my friend.

    Melissa Gale

  4. The opening page had my eyes smarting, no chance I'll be able to see the film version, greeting and bubbling in public won't do!

    Love the portrait of you by Katie, wonder where she could possibly have picked up that talent?


  5. Don't worry, SF, it has a happy ending. Sort of. I think.

    Glad you found your way to the comments box.

  6. Wonderful, a book, a publisher and a blog, good good good! Take care to be and do more good things.

  7. Thanks, Clarissa! Good to hear from you again. I owe you an e-mail...