Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Gosh, did I do that?

A copy of the finished version of the book has arrived at Schloss Marland, and very nice it looks too.

We've got a date for the Guardian Weekend magazine feature; it's going to be in on the 26th April, apparently. I just mention it in passing, you know....


  1. Cool, looking toward to the Guardian article (and book of course).

    Also I clicked on your amazon link and it does not seem to be using an Amazon Associates id, better you get the referral fees than just letting them have it.

  2. Thanks, Zoe, and thanks for the tip. I'd never heard of referral fees. Doubt if I'm going to make my fortune that way, but hey...

  3. How exciting! I suppose this is one of those books I'll have to buy before it turns up in the charity shops...

    good photo by the way - nice look of surprise!

  4. Thank you. I hope the surprise doesn't indicate early onset Al... er, it's on the tip of my tongue...

  5. I owe you an email. I owe lots of people emails, if that's any consolation. Which it possibly isn't And the first sentence was pretty redundant in that you know I owe you an email.
    Apropos a previous post: I remember you learning to drive. Mostly, I remember bits falling off the van.

  6. That's what string was invented for, wasn't it? -and it did keep going. Mostly.