Monday, 21 October 2019

Samhain fire

Here's a new picture, a party round the fire at Diggers, up near the Dundas aqueduct. Fires are a good way to socialise along the canal, what with narrowboats being a bit cramped inside. Well, mine is, for sure, you can hardly move without falling over bike bits and landing on art materials.

The weather's getting cooler, and the days shorter, as often happens at this time of the year. Yesterday it took ages to get the stove going properly, because I was using unseasoned willow as kindling. I'd chopped it up on the side of the towpath at Bradford on Avon; the tree had fallen last winter, and I'd misidentified it as a field maple, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. The wood absorbed the heat from the firelighters, and hung around sulking and glowering like a Tory politician who's been found out.

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