Sunday 10 March 2019

on the Archangel's Trail

Deborah and I were down in Devon a couple of weeks ago, exploring places on Dartmoor from Brent Tor and the church of St Michel de Rupe (or 'St Michael of the Rock'), across to Chagford, another church dedicated to the Archangel. And then we met some folk from the local church and diocese, to talk about a new pilgrim trail that they're putting together. It's nice to be asked to join in with it, and as a getting-into-the-mood exercise (and of course a useful way of putting off some admin) I did this picture. 

There's Brent Tor at the top, then St James' chapel in Okehampton (I thought it was a bit more picture-friendly than the parish church), the Lady Well at Sticklepath, St Andrew's church at South Tawton with its three hares roof boss; then Peter Randall-Page's Granite Song sculpture on an island in the Teign; and finally Chagford, and its figure of St Michael biffing the dragon.

And there's a few other things too, of course.

Here's Deb's account of the trip, with photos. Must get down there again soon. I'm already dubbining my boots...

I've run off a bunch of these pictures as a poster, because some folk have asked for one and heck, why not. They're here, in my Etsy shop

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