Sunday 3 February 2013

up on the roof

Halfway through my birthday cup of tea, I saw a Tweet from Andy Howard, a BBC Radio Bristol reporter. "Who's got the best view in the west?" he asked. "Me, akshly," I replied.

Next thing you know there's a van outside with a rapidly-expanding aerial reaching up to roof level.

"I've got to be on air in four minutes!" said Andy.

"Better dash then", I said.

We made it.


  1. Wot larx. They should do them all up there.

  2. Lucky you living in a house like that!

  3. Yes, I remember being up on that roof with you one icy evening in December 2009. I hate heights, but was emboldened beyond reason by your damson vodka, and somehow managed the vertical ladder, the overhang at the hatchway, and then coped with the knowledge that if I tripped or slid over the roof edge my blogging career would be permanently cut short! It was an amazing view, though.


  4. Brilliant picture. Hope he wished you a Happy Birthday on air.

    Happy Birthday.

  5. I didn't mention it, Anji! Thank you.
    Good plan, Deb. I could do cream teas too!
    Thanks, Lucy!
    Yes, Gwynneth, a good place to live. On summer nights I sleep out here sometimes; get to see all sorts of stuff in the sky. Well, stars planets and space stations anyway.

  6. Fame and a birthday. Congratulations on them both. :)