Sunday 10 February 2013

dieu et mon doigt

Funny how a little goof can make such a difference to your life. Last Saturday I caught my finger in a sash window. The end of the finger was broken and the nail was ripped practically right off. So off I went to  A&E, and a nice medic removed the nail, sewed things back up again, and stuck the nail back on to protect the needlework. Which was as painful as it no doubt sounds.

House teenager reluctantly accepted that she'd be having to do the washing up. Though it didn't go down well.

"Why don't we have a dishwasher?"
"I don't like them, they cost money, use up energy, take up space that we don't have, I prefer doing it by hand cos it does a better job"
"We should have a dishwasher, everyone else has one"
"You buy it and install it then"

And so the week went on.

Oh look! Deb's book arrived. And jolly good it is too.

Finger's starting to get adventurous now. We'll be flying off to the hospital again tomorrow to see how it's getting on.


  1. Good to start my day - which is half way through yours already - with a big, fat chuckle :-)

  2. Sash windows are a curse and are out to kill us when we least expect it. One once fell like a guillotine in a moment as I unlocked the catch, I felt quite stupid trapped with a crushed hand holding me high above my head! A real challenge to get free but then the searing pain caused me to let go of the free window which smashed into myriad pieces. As you can imagine fixing a broken window with crushed hand is neither fun nor easy...

    You say that there are machines which wash dishes? Whatever will they think of next? Are they silent and never break down leaving you frustrated and deep in debt for repairs? Can they hurt your fingers in any way?

  3. Yes, that does indeed sound painful!

    As for the dishwasher... We went years without one (space, buying etc) but the house we bought had one built in. When it did eventually break (to be fair after 15 years of use, not to be fair about 2 months before the new kitchen was fitted!) I went to a discounter and got a replacement within 24 hours :) I would hate to be without it now! For 50 euro cent per run (about once per day) it means I don't have to wash up...

    Of course then the discussions move from who is going to wash up to who is going to load and unload the dishwasher!

    Yes, you can call me spoilt :)

    Good luck with the hospital visit this week.


  4. Congratulations on the new book.

    Your finger does sound very painfull - hope all is healing well when they check up on it.

    I thought that I was the only one left in Europe without a dish washer!

  5. Oh my goodness, I winced when reading this. I hope you heal quickly; but not so quickly that house teen doesn't realise how easy things had been.

    I have a dishwasher; finding it a good way to keep the kitchen tidier between use, (and having been a B&B land lady in the past), but do not plan on having one once I live alone. There is something therapeutic about doing the washing up by hand.

  6. OW!!!!
    An awful thing to happen when you use your hands.

    Get well soon

  7. Thanks for the wishes! Finger seesm to be healing nicely.

    We were early adopters of dishwashers in my family; had one in the 70s, and it did the job badly and left a smell on things. I took against them and haven't really tried to overcome my antipathy. Plus of course I quite like washing up!