Monday 21 February 2011

dawn chorus

There are signs of spring all over the place, and I can hear blackbirds over the sound of the radio in the medium-sized hours of the morning- three o'clock, or so. Here's a little sample; robins and blackbirds, and the city starting to wake up.


  1. Now THAT was a Nidea and a half - lovely, thank you

  2. was woken every morning during last weeks cardiff stay by a mistle thrush. amazing, but a touch early

  3. I always thought we left the house too early for the dawn chorus at the moment (though I guess you have proven me wrong there ;p), but last night for the first time I noticed the evening performance at sunset.

    It was lovely.


  4. Blimey, you must sleep less than I do! The birds hereabouts are starting up a little later than yours at the moment. It could be the ever-present sound of trains that's keeping them at bay.

  5. My pleasure, Delia. Literally, actually. I'ts nice being able to play it back when they're not actually singing.
    There's something slightly bracing about a mistle thrush, isn't there, Flo? The call makes me think of a bugler, calling us to get on with things. Whereas I could happily be lulled by blackbirds.
    It's getting better all the time, Stace! And the magpies are rebuilding their nest outside the front window too. Not v melodious, them, though.
    Some birds sing all the louder, apparently, to be heard over constant urban noise, Jenny. Maybe your urban birds have been partying till late and having a lie in?

  6. I've noticed a lot more song from the birds around here too. I love the blackbird especially. Giving out anecdotes and wisdom to anyone who wants to stop and listen - or not, he doesn't mind