Wednesday 9 October 2013

egret triolet

So white a bird, the egret sails
Serene above the Severn mud
That smirches us, but can't assail
So white a bird; the egret sails.
Our boots sink in; we flounder, flail.
We'd rise and follow, if we could,
So white a bird. The egret sails
Serene above the Severn mud.


  1. I think it's worked well. A dramatic sky.

  2. Wonderful, and I like the way the rain is moving across the bridge.

  3. It mirrors the poem's mood beautifully.

  4. Thank you, Ann. It looks a bit more dramatic than it did in real life, though a bit less dramatic than the tropical storms I saw in the Pacific, clouds stumping along on dense columns of rain.
    Thank you, Larry!