Thursday 6 July 2023

Bath's peregrine falcons

A peregrine flying over Sydney Gardens in Bath. Below, the Kennet and Avon canal enters a tunnel beneath Cleveland House, formerly the offices of the canal company. The second tunnel mouth at the far end of the gardens is surmounted by the head of Father Thames, for eastbound boaters; and the the nearer tunnel is ornamented by Avona, river goddess for those heading westward. 
The canal curves round to the east in the distance, along Darlington Wharf (where there’ll be a floating market in late July, that I’m slowly heading towards). Beyond is Solsbury Hill.
You can often see peregrines and ravens flying over the city; and from the moorings at the top lock of the Widcombe flight, you can see the peregrines going to and from their nest on the steeple of St John’s.

This picture is for mext year's calendar, but since it shows Darlington Wharf, where I'll be for the floating fair in a few weeks time, I got some copies printed up. You can get them from my Etsy shop, or see you in Bath!


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  1. Alas, I cannot be in Bath anytime soon, however you have made me very happy by including for mext year's calendar and I know what that really means!! Whoot!!