Wednesday, 5 October 2022

drawing three hares and knotwork

Returning to the endlessly interesting matter of depicting three hares with three ears between 'em, this is a picture I've been thinking about doing for absolute ages. I figured it would be interesting to add celtic style knotwork to the ears of the three hares. And then spent weeks (not uninterrupted weeks, you understand, I did do other stuff as well) goofing around trying to make it work.

Anyway, having got the basic pattern sorted, I used a lightbox to juggle three cut-out hares and trace them, and...

now it's done. I'm quite pleased with it. There's the moon in the middle, and May blossom around the edges.

I've got the picture available as greetings cards and high-quality giclee prints, over on Etsy.


  1. Satisfying, how the knotwork really brings it together

    1. I wasa pretty happy with it! Thank you, and I'm sorry, only just found your comment 'awaiting moderation'. Had to do that a while ago to keep the spam away!