Friday, 26 June 2020

Three Hares Map of Devon 2020

Seven years after drawing my first Three Hares map, I thought it was time to have another go at it. So I have. Just like the previous one, it shows all the locations where the three hares can be found in Devon; the seventeen churches where they can be found in the roof bosses, and the pub in Lydford where they're in a stained glass window in the door. 

There's the mermaid from Cheriton Bishop church, and Peter Randall-Page's Granite Song sculpture sitting on an island in the Teign near Chagford.

And here's the Belstone Fox, and the circle cross in the church there. We walked across this bit last year while researching for the Archangel's Way, a new thing put together by Exeter Diocese; we also met Paul and Adrian, vicars of Chagford and Sourton respectively, who are part of the team putting it together. It was due to be launched this summer, but obviously things got in the way...

I've got the map in A4 and A3 sizes, and as large and small postcards. Here's a link to the A4 size on in my Etsy shop

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