Thursday, 9 April 2020

lockdown on the canal

The canal, or at least its resident population, is on lockdown, one of the terms that's entered our vocabulary over the last couple of weeks, like 'social distancing', that curious free-form version of country dancing that we practice without music.

So I minimise my trips out, other than the patrols I do as part of a team of volunteers, to keep an eye on vulnerable boaters.

But yesterday I cycled up to Claverton to drop off books, badges and cards, and to do a bit of bicycle fettling. And to say hello to friends along the way.


  1. Lovely canal life will fire up the ancient laptop for a better look. Once woke up hanging not on the ropes near Claverton as the pound had run dry.

  2. A real community... getting on with life, catching up with fettling all the little jobs that get left.
    Wishing the best to you all xx

  3. Lovely set of and light and health to you all x