Sunday, 20 May 2018

Kennet & Avon Canal Map (Summit and East End)

Here's my new map of the K&A Canal. It covers the length between Devizes and Reading. If you click on it, it gets larger so you can see it properly. It's intended to be useful for navigation, showing all the locks, bridges and facilities (sani points, rubbish disposal, water supplies and so on) and pubs; also interesting local features, history, and the wildlife that you are likely to encounter along the way.

You can get a copy from me on my boat (if you can find me!) or from my Etsy shop here

It follows on at last from the West End map I did, so now that's all the K&A done!

Shall send it off to the printers tomorrow, and then get on with the next project. It's a good time of the year for productivity, with lots of daylight hours and rising temperatures; we're almost at the point where you don't need to light the fire in the morning, as long as you're wearing a thick pully and duffel coat. The hour is always coldest just before the dawn...

Phew. It took ages to do, and boat life kept getting inconveniently in the way, with water pipes bursting and pumps failing... still, I'm still afloat, and just need to fill the water tank soon so I can finally have a shower.

Meanwhile, the weather has been wonderful, and sunny days succeed one another, and all the hatches and windows are open, so that I'm constantly disturbed at my desk by questing wasps and disorientated bees. 

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