Monday 24 August 2015

hailing foxes

It's nearly two years since the publication of Inking Bitterns, an anthology that combined poetry and pictures on the subject of wildness. Now, Gert Macky Books (population: 1) is getting ready for a new anthology. It will be produced in what is already recognisably the Gert Macky style, which is to say AT THE VERY LAST MOMENT. It's intended to be launched at the Bristol Poetry Festival, on 29th September. We could do with a few more poems.

The brief: poems about wildery/the natural world/nature; and site-specific, as in Bristol. This is decidedly about Bristol. Length: comfortably fitting on a side of A5. Follow the link above, see what the previous pages looked like.

Time scale: within the next fortnight, I reckon. I'm making this up as I go along, be gentle. Thank you.

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