Sunday, 21 September 2014


This bridge traverses so much sky,
Such clear depth of open air
As tempts my aircraft under there;
It seemed ungrateful not to try.

I held my breath. A sudden flick
Of shadow on my face; my joy
Reflected in that waving boy;
The cliff face zipping by so quick-

Now, zooming high, I see the far
Welsh mountains in the dawning glow
While Bristol's half-asleep below,
And steer towards the morning star.

I was in Bristol yesterday for the IsamBards' second poetic outing, a walk around the Clifton Suspension Bridge. This poem was my small contribution, which they kindly invited me to make as I'm so keen on the stories of the pilots who've flown under that very bridge.

Laura Hilton, the Clifton Suspension Bridge's Visitor Centre Manager, introduces the poets Deborah Harvey, Pameli Benham, Stewart Carswell and David C Johnson

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