Friday 17 January 2014

de la fenêtre d'en haut

As I've mentioned before, my flat gives me a grandstand view of Bristol and the surroundings; I get to see ravens circling overhead, the local foxes and magpies, psychotic seagulls, loads of aircraft, the occasional car thief (he got away, that one)

I was leaning out of the front window yesterday, as you do, and saw a young man walking a pug. The dog stopped at a tree and stood on tiptoe, arse in air, up against the tree. I watched more closely; someone has been leaving dog poo on the pavement around our way, and it is of a size to make the pug a likely source.

Dog finished its business, while bloke stood there patting his pockets as though hoping to find a plastic bag in one, and looking around to see if he was observed. He bent down, pretending to pick it up, then rose and began walking away.

"Cooeee! Don't forget the dog poo!" I called down to him.

"I was going to get a bag," he shouted; "I live just there." He pointed to a house two doors down. "Haven't you got anything better to do?....transvestite" he added, the intended insult tacked on in a slightly quieter voice as though he didn't want to be challenged on it.

He did reappear, with a Sainsburys carrier bag, and threw the dog poo into a wheelie bin. 

And he walked off muttering what were no doubt further rudenesses, for his own benefit, as I couldn't make out the words.

Have I got anything better to do? -I do have lots of things to do. But time spent watching the world from an upper storey window is seldom time wasted.

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