Friday 27 September 2013

Arts and Crafts in deepest Somerset

Detouring from the North Somerset Arts Trail with Deb and Catherine, we bounced down one of those tracks that have grass growing in the middle, swung open a gate, and so arrived at the church of St Peter at Hornblotton. Deb and Cath had been before and were very enthusastic; my initial impression was favourable for a 19th century church- there was a warm glow from the yellow-brown stone that went well with the mid-autumnal trees that surrounded it. There's Cath outside the church; in the foreground is the ruin of the old tower, that apparently fell down, which is a shame, as it looks quite fun. Did it jump or was it pushed? (There's a picture of the old church here, on Phil Merryman's web page)

Inside is very exciting! The walls are decorated in sgraffito; the outer layer of plaster was removed while still damp, to reveal the strawberry-coloured underlayer. So there is a subtle three-dimensional element to the decoration and lettering that fills the walls.

And the marquetry is fine and, in the case of the choir stalls, very subtle- each place has a different wild bird inlaid. Here is a kingfisher, choosing a fish

The lectern rotates, to give the two messages that 'the letter killeth'

 ....but ''the spirit giveth life'

I particularly liked the small window in the west wall, with its greens and browns. They're a bit bleached out in this picture; I really must go back with a tripod! -These pictures were limited by the low light levels and my ability to balance the camera on something to steady it....

Saint Elizabeth
Cornelius the Centurion
the Ethiopian eunuch

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