Monday, 9 January 2012

the job's not started till the paperwork's done

So I hit the ground running at New Year. This year, I thought, is going to be hugely productive on the picture front.

And then I got a letter that meant I had to do all my accounts. A task the mere prospect of which is enough to bring on a panic attack.

Still, I got there in the end. And even completed my tax return. So now the decks are cleared for action. Back to the pencils. Out with the Indian ink.

These are little chapter heading pictures for The Changeling Tree.


  1. I'm relieved that I'm not the only one hauling numbers together!
    I'm so glad that I did my tax return last April for 10/11 , I couldn't manage it with a looming deadline. That would definitely cause Brainfreeze!!

  2. The crows (ravens?) flying across the circle is a striking image

  3. Oh NO! Thanks for the reminder. Don't you just hate how the tax man sends the letters out a few days after Christmas - as the feeling of goodwill to all men is settling nicely?

  4. Dru, your drawing just gets better and better!

    All success in 2012.


  5. Happy new Year Dru. Glad you got the nasty bits out of the way reasonably quickly.

    We have a very simplified system for tiny businesses here. I just put in my turnover every month on the computer and they take the charges and tax in one go from my bank account straight away.

    For people who haven't earnt any money they declare 0.

    I love these, will they stay in black and white or will there be a touch of colour?

  6. Oh! annual search for tax password commences then fails... Perhaps I should just send for a new one now.

  7. I tell myself every year, Gwynneth, "Do the tax return in April!" ...and then it disappears under the rapidly-forming geological layers of bumph in the corner and looms like a big looming thing, casting fear and despondency.
    They're starlings! Recycled from a big colour pic, cos they seemed right for that chapter.
    Psychological warfare, Bella. Though this letter was from a different branch of government. Mind you, I once had a v fraught letter on Christmas Eve. Managed to ruin Christmas for me. Which was presumably the intention... grrr...
    Thank you, Lucy! Same to you. And if you happen to be passing Brizzle (you do seem to travel a lot) there's always coffee going here.
    Lucky you, Anji. We have an online facility for tax returns, but I'm not allowed to use it because apparently I'm a Special Case. *cue sinister music* ...these are just black and white- they're intended for going at the top of chapters of a book, so they'll only be tiny, which is why they're quite simple and cartoony.
    Best had, Caroline- the HMRC website tends to crash when it's really close to deadlines. Or it used to... good luck!