Tuesday 14 June 2011

the No Tesco Tea Party

Down in Stokes Croft last night, there was a bit of a party to celebrate the holding of a judicial review into the planning process for the Tesco Express that has controversially opened there.

It was a very happy event, as you can perhaps see. And hopefully will help further distance the anti-Tesco movement from the associations with the recent riots, that were foisted upon it by the press at the time, and which still happen- I see that the BBC website still characterises the riots as 'violent anti-Tesco clashes..."

I've added a useful flowchart down below, which lists and demonstrates the interaction between the dramatis personae of the unfolding events in Stokes Croft.... click on the picture, then on the magnifying glass symbol, to see it full sized.

LinkPicture of sleeping piglets on flowchart used under terms of Creative Commons from an original by Dragfire


  1. Glorious flowchart, Dru. I wish I'd drawn it myself.

    I particularly like 'the Press'...

  2. Thank you, James! After a conversation yesterday with some studenty types who seemed utterly devoid of a clue about what had happened, I figured we needed a bit of easy-on-the-eye graphics to help things along...