Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Queue for Banksy Petrol Bomb Art Poster in Stokes Croft 7th May 2011

Saturday saw Hamilton House in Stokes Croft hosting the Anarchist Book Fair. It also saw the selling of Banksy's commemorative poster...proceeds of which will be going to benefit locals affected by the Stokes Croft riots. Which is a Good Thing.

So of course there was a humungous queue for the posters. And AstroTurfer has made a nice film of it, with Mal's interview as a soundtrack. With, as an added bonus, a personal appearance from Mal, though you'll have to look carefully... by the way, it has been confirmed by the police that the security guards (presumably the Shergroup ones) at Tesco had made the claim about petrol bombs.

My rather less famous 'petrol bomb' picture....

...I'm getting a few cards of it printed, as a couple of people have expressed an interest. If you'd like one, do let me know!


  1. Yes please, it's better than Banksy's and one day will be worth more!

  2. I like your bomb better - Banksy's is a bit out of date in terms of the styling/graphics of tesco value....

  3. Yours, Deb, and heck, you may be right, though pigs don't feature in my Big Book of Ornithology - yet....

    Thanks, FF! Mine was a very ad hoc bit of photoshopping, of course, to illustrate a point. But yes, I've seen some livelier stuff by Banksy.