Friday, 29 April 2011

something in the air

To celebrate the Royal Wedding, we in Bristol have had a ceremonial procession of police riot vans, much waving from the balcony (down at Telepathic Heights), and a fly-past by the helicopter. Well, more of a sustained hover.

So I did get to write a poem on the occasion of the royal marriage. Sort of.

Constabulary helicopter hovering there,
Keeping tabs on protestor and squatter;
Oh, body-armoured bobbies, we don't care
How big or throbbing is your bloody chopper.

(picture was the nearest thing to on-topic in my collection, hey ho)


  1. Yes, it's certainly been eventful from the looks of Twitter. Can't decide if I'm sad or glad I no longer live on Stokes Croft.

  2. Me too, ish. I lived on Arley Park, which is about as far from the Tesco as the Tesco is from Stokes Croft. It was a bit livelier than here at the top of the hill; mostly thanks to our neighbours, the Moonflowers, a happy bunch of people who were highly amused at my landlord's expressions of irritation at their exuberance.... I liked shopping on Picton Street and Herbert's Bakery. Popped down there the other day; got some good stuff from Licata's.

    ..whoops, away on a train there.

  3. Best rich kids wedding post prize, love your poem, should send them a copy so that they know what happens in the real world.

  4. Thanks, Caroline! I'm still jiggering round with a bigger poem...