Friday 21 November 2008

gendered lingo

Here's a fun thing I found on Helen Boyd's blog. It's called GenderAnalyzer,
and it tells you what gender it thinks you are based on your blog.

Last time I tried one of these gender analyser things (spelling hem hem), I put in stuff by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, and it said that he was a woman and she was a man. I prudently kept these findings to myself, as we don't want to go rocking the foundations of Eng Lit, do we?

Upside Down In Cloud is 65% female. Apparently. Must add more fluffy bunnies.


  1. 54% man here. though it says the blog is "gender neutral".

    Right, that's calling this whole transition off!! ;-)

  2. You'll be pleased to hear that three of my blogs are considered male. I would have expected that result of my postcard blog because there is quite a bit of war and a couple of cannons on it, but the other two? My completely fictional blog is 55% female and "gender neutral". Perhaps a pink background might help, along with the fluffy bunnies.

  3. Tee hee I came out as 55% male - but then as I'm mad enough to consider Jane Austen one of my past lives maybe I shouldn't be surprised about that... :-)

  4. My blog is written by a man apparently. 60% male. I'm so butch :-) What a load of bollocks :-)

  5. I'm a bloke, apparently, 55%.

    No kittens, lipstick or knitting. Mind you, I was talking about false eyelashes this morning, maybe I'd have been about 70% yesterday! ;-)