Monday, 12 May 2008

this is the BBC

We were interviewed by Clare English on BBC Radio Scotland's Book Cafe, this lunchtime. Richard was in a studio in London, and I was in Bristol's Whiteladies Road studio, which was a terrifically friendly place; I was invited to a party, I had a nice chat with Peter who looked after me, and when I went into the building I found that they even had one of my photos on the wall. Hey, is this fame or what?

Or what, probably. There was a display of photos from the BBC My Bristol Flickr group, so I saw a few familiar names among the credits; and this was my contribution...

Richard did well; I faltered, and then faltered some more, but the world didn't end.

Thanks to the miracle of Interweb technology, I was able to cycle home and listen to myself. Ouch. Ouch tiddly ouch.

Must think of something intelligent to say for Wednesday.

Here's the link to the programme, if you enjoy the sound of someone tripping up repeatedly. Our contribution starts soon after 20 mins into the show, if you don't want to listen to Misha Glenny. But why wouldn't you?