Thursday, 22 May 2008


I met up with Richard in the courtyard of the V&A and we drank tea and ate buns and rehearsed our reading; decided that an off-the-page dialogue was feasible, and ran with it.

What a great place the V&A is. The courtyard was like being in Italy, but without the scooters and shouting. And without the heat, brrrrrr. But hey.... And then we wandered around a bit and turned a corner and blow me if it wasn't Trajan's Column. Right next to the tympanum of Santiago de Compostella.

The V&A is now officially my fave museum.

Now then, to business.

So we met up with Charlie and ate pies in a Bloomsbury pie shop, and arrived at Gay's The Word to find it thronging, and extremely welcoming.

The reading and the Q&As went well, and then just about everyone packed into the pub over the road and we all stayed up Very Late Indeed.

There was a really good buzz that evening. Everyone seems so happy about the book, and the new perspective it offers. Richard got a round of applause. They even gave me one, for that little victory over P&O. I valued that more highly than I can express.

It was so nice meeting people I've only previously known as internet presences. And meeting people I didn't know. And meeting a few old friends too. And just for the evening, we all became that nebulous and peripatetic thing, the trans community. It rocked.