Sunday, 11 May 2008

crows to the rooky wood

I did my early morning look out of the front room window, and saw that the wood pigeon wasn't there. She'd been sitting on her eggs all week. "Odd," I thought.

This was on the pavement when I went out for my morning bike ride. Magpies, probably.

I did like the woodpigeons in the tree at the front, even if they pooed on my car roof sometimes.

As opposed to the town pigeons which are besieging the flat. I opened the skylight yesterday, because it was insufferably hot, and I had to keep shooing them out. I guess they're looking for somewhere to nest. Blighters.

Out and about, I tracked a few warblers and gazed over the gorge. An elderly man saw my camera and asked what I was doing. "Taking pictures of birds," I said. "It's a lovely morning to be out and about."

"It's a good morning to be doing things," he replied. Was that a hint of suggestion there? I half-smiled and rode on. Later he passed me in a car, going the other way, and slowed right down. I nodded and continued. Blimey. The Downs are a bit dodgy at night... OK, make that "several days into dodgy country" at night. A shame that early mornings have their hassles too.

The Downs cafe had been vandalised, and there was debris of late night shenanigans scattered widely.

As I was taking this photo of the Seven Sisters, a bloke with a dog (not this bloke with a dog) came by and said, "It's all very well taking photos of that; did you know it's an offence to ride your bike on the Downs?"

I assured him that I did know.

Heck, I'm just a hooligan, me.