Thursday, 15 May 2008

in the air

Up to London on Tuesday, ready for an early morning car to Broadcasting House. We were on the Midweek programme. It was a good experience, and Libby Purves is intelligent and informed. And she thinks Richard is a "really nice man". I think she may be right...

...and then across the road to a Small Back Room, for a link to Dublin for RTE2's Gerry Ryan show. This one was hilarious, with Gerry asking some extremely inappropriate questions. It's hard to say whether he's really naive or just disingenuous. But it was fun wondering. And we learned what a "Biffo" is while waiting for our slot, which cuts in at about 1 hour and 17 minutes into the show (if you have the patience to 'listen again', it's either "yesterday's show" if you're reading this on Thursday, or the Wednesday show if not, until presumably in a week's time it will slide quietly off the edge of the ether and disappear for ever into the void. Hellooo? Echoooooo!