Friday, 2 May 2008

onwards and upwards

It's all happening. The book was officially published yesterday. Several people on the forums have received copies from Amazon, although it seems that Amazon have now sold out... this is Very Good News in a way, of course.

Favourable responses all round, so far. And a really good review from Nettie, over on MHB.

I went to the lunchtime poetry reading at the Central Library, and read a couple of haiku from the book, and waved it around and mentioned that it had just been published. The gentle art of the hard sell. Be afraid. Be just a tiny bit afraid.

Home in time for an e-mail from Patrick at Random, to say that we're invited to appear on R4's Midweek on May 14th.


Called in on Catherine Mason at Broadcast Books; she's just got the proofs of Wildlife Rescue, so I had a quick look before she headed off to Slimbridge to let the WWT people have a look. It looks good, too.

I cycled down to the harbour in the evening, and met the Bristol Flickr people on the Grain Barge, a big boat with beer in it. People ate plates of pie and mash. Other people, or sometimes the same people, took photos of pie and mash, of the harbour, of each other, of each others' cameras. A rainbow ascended from Spike Island, disappeared into the dark clouds, and reappeared over towards St Michael's Hill.