Saturday, 27 October 2012

in the picture

 I'm featured artist in the new Bristol Review of Books photography section! Which makes me very happy. Their website allows you to read a copy online (Summer 2012 issue is there at the moment). The BRB is available free from all good places around Bristol- they don't have it? -then leave immediately! -for it is obviously not a good place. Or you can subscribe, and have it sent to you wherever you are.

Thinking photographs, here's an early morning shot on the Downs in Bristol. I rather liked the picture, but even so was taken aback when it got into Flickr's Explore, and rapidly became the most popular photograph in my photostream (and I've been on Flickr for seven years now). Goodness!

Popularity on Flickr is reckoned as a combination of number of views, comments and favourites. My next most popular is this fortunately-caught wildlife shot at Clevedon

..and then this balloon that flew past in the fog, a few years ago

In fourth place, this bit of agitprop from the 'Tesco riots'

...this chap in Aylesbury...

..and at last, in sixth place, one that is also a personal favourite. Katie on the Trav, down at East Prawle.



  1. I think your Bristol Downs picture is deserving of its popularity.

    My most popular Flickr picture is not a carefully composed study of the rural idyl, but one of a pair of TV LGs at Sparkle. Sigh.

  2. Congratulations!

    I love foggy pictures - magical.

  3. Looking at the online version, it's excellent, plenty to get your teeth into.I sent the link to my two Bristol fans and I found one of your illustrations in the online issue.

  4. Brilliant! Congratulations, I'll see if I can pick up a copy somewhere in the Eastern Wastelands ... probably Hydra Books is my best bet.

    My most popular photo by far is this one:

  5. reminds me of the joke, Jenny- Q: "how many TVs does it take to change a light bulb?" A: "two: one to do it and one to take the photo..." ...oh well, I like your rural photos too!

    Thanks, Anji. And glad you spread the word, too!

    Hydra should have it, Liz- failing that, I do have half a box left here from my rounds... deservedly popular pic too! Is that sign still up? Did it work?